Wytske Averink finished ArtEZ in 2012. During her graduation show we were introduced to her work and were deeply impressed by her film. It showed an ‘impossible’ posture of a moving human body, partly wrapped in a soft foam material. Somehow, in the sense of a materialized dialectic, this figure existed between human body & object, between skin & artificial surface, solid standing & fainting, both heavy & weightless. More than being fascinated as an observer at a secure viewpoint, the film upsets the viewer in his/her reality. One could get the weird impression of physically losing ground –an encroaching imaginary process owed to the amazing fact that the film is done precisely at a high and professional level.

During the 6 month residency at Schloss Ringenberg, in a group of 6 artists and 2 curators in residence, Wytske Averink took several new steps in her work. While constantly looking to focus her approach, she utilized the opportunities the location and its closer environment had to offer. Inspired by an intrinsic curiosity about movement, the body and the (un)balance between figuration and abstraction concerning the individual viewpoint (zooming in & out), she invested in a digital sketch book of sorts. This resulted in a dairy-like archive containing imagery of both photographical and filmic nature. This rough material kindles intense arguments which in turn encourage new developments in her work. By comparing, matching, alienating or rather sharpening different fragments, Wytske Averink generates new, visually alluring and sensual work. Even though her work is purely digital, the sculptural outcome might very well serve as an insight into her artistic fascination with the principles of corporality and the physical body.

Marcus Lütkemeyer I Curator Schloss Ringenberg